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  • How would interest rate hike affect Nigeria’s economy . . .
    Economists and manufacturers react to the increase in the benchmark interest rate by the Monetary Policy Committee of the Central Bank of Nigeria from 12 to 14 per cent My view is that the hike in interest rate is not appropriate at this time
    Study examined the impact of interest rate on economic growth in Nigeria from 1990 to 2013 The result found that the interest rate has a slight impact on growth; however the growth can be improved by lower the interest rate which will increase the investment
  • The Impact of a Fed Interest Rate Hike | Investopedia
    Things That Traditionally Decrease When the Fed Increases Interest Rates Business Profits When interest rates rise, that’s typically good news for the profitability of the banking sector, as noted by investment giant Goldman Sachs But for the rest of the global business sector, a rate hike carves into profitability
  • How US Fed Rate Hike Affects Nigeria | Nairametrics
    The rate hikes means a stronger dollar against most of the worlds currencies including Nigeria According to the Financial Times , “a stronger US dollar, backed by higher US interest rates, tends to depress the values of emerging market currencies at a time when many EM economies are already weakening and their currencies have already slumped against the greenback
  • Effect of raising interest rates | Economics Help
    Related to the first point is the fact that interest payments on variable mortgages will increase This will have a significant impact on consumer spending This is because a 0 5% increase in interest rates can increase the cost of a £100,000 mortgage by £60 per month This is a significant impact on personal discretionary income
  • How do interest rate changes affect the profitability of . . .
    As interest rates rise, profitability on loans also increases, as there is a greater spread between the federal funds rate and the rate the bank charges its customers The spread between long-term and short-term rates also expands during interest rate hikes, because long-term rates tend to rise faster than short-term rates
  • How the Fed’s Interest Rate Increase Can Affect You - The . . .
    The annual percentage rate on your credit card can be anywhere from 15 percent to 20 percent — much higher than the interest rate on a mortgage or a car loan An uptick in the Fed’s interest rate might cause your credit card’s A P R , if it’s variable as opposed to fixed at a specific rate, to bounce by one or two percentage points
  • Fed interest rate hike: Effects on credit cards, mortgages . . .
    How the Fed interest rate hike could affect your wallet How the Fed's rate hike will affect interest rates for consumers and across the economy

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